• Creative Fall Leaf Craft Ideas

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    As the weather starts to cool down, pretty soon the leaves will begin to change and will start falling off of the trees. When the leaves are those bright vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds, they are a perfect way to utilize nature and use them as craft supplies. Take a bucket, go on a nature w

  • From steel to wood: One man's journey to salvage Hamilton's heritage | TheSpec.com

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    They say that sometimes

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    David Ibañez , Web - Managing Editor

    David Ibañez , Web - Managing Editor

    Court has recessed for the day and will not

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    By Capt. Mike Rathgeber Sep 14, 2022

    Fishing has looked like the old fall runs we used to get around here. It’s as if we’re makin

  • Raiders cornerback Nate Hobbs chases greatness | Las Vegas Review-Journal

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    Not chosen until the fifth round of the 2021 draft, the 167th choice overall, Nate Hobbs has become a fixture in the Raiders’ secondary.

    They still talk and text almost weekly. Still remind each other about the central theme to “The Last Dance,” a documentary about Mich

  • Here's Why Everyone Should Start Turning the Lights Off When Not Home - CNET

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    Your guide to a better future

    Hint: Because it'll save you money.

    Erin Gobler is a personal finance writer based in Madison, Wisconsin. She writes about topics including budgeting, student loans, credit, mortgages, investing, and insurance. Her work has been published in financial

  • Today Logo

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    New reporting indicates that FBI agents seized more than 300 classified documents from Mar-a-Lago, some containing the most sensitive secrets. Voters in several states head to the polls. Beto O`Rourke discusses his Texas gubernatorial campaign. The fight for abortion rights is examined.

  • AP News Summary at 11:46 p.m. EDT

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    World opinion shifts against Russia as Ukraine worries grow

    NEW YORK (AP) — The tide of international opinion appears to have decisively shifted against Russia, as a number of non-aligned countries joined the United States and its allies in

  • Wildfire risks wreak havoc on California’s housing market | firsttuesday Journal

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    Posted by Madison Hart | Jun 24, 2022 | 0

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    As humans continue to kick around the remaining integrity of our environment and break Smokey Bear’s heart, the risk of wildfire is accelerating — especially here in California

  • FARM: fire hardened homes | firsttuesday Journal

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    Posted by ft Editorial Staff | Jun 13, 2022 | 0

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    Use this firsttuesday FARM Letter in your marketing. To request a FARM letter topic, or to see a list of all our FARM letter templates, visit our FARM Letter page.