Gun Debate | Congressman Tom McClintock

2022-06-25 09:29:28 By : Mr. Tommy Hao

Washington, D.C. – Congressman McClintock delivered remarks on the House floor discussing the gun debate.

Watch the full remarks here and a transcript is below:

Instead of treating law-abiding citizens as if they were criminals, maybe we should start treating CRIMINALS as if they were criminals. Stop the plea bargains and put gun predators behind bars until they are old and gray. Execute the murderers. Those measures worked, until a generation of soft-on-crime judges, woke district attorneys and politically correct police commissions made a mockery of our laws.

If someone is a dangerously mentally ill, then of course they should not have access to firearms. They should not have access to any kind of weapons.

We once confined them so we could treat them and prevent them from doing harm during the course of their illness. We had a commitment process that respected due process: they could come before a judge to challenge the findings in open court, submit evidence on their behalf and face their accuser.

But not under the red flag laws this bill promotes. An anonymous accuser can trigger a secret proceeding against you that you don’t even know is happening until the police bang on your door in the dead of night, ransack your house and strip you of your right to self-defense. The burden then falls on you to try to  restore it.

This bill also targets young adults for special restrictions. We trust them to vote; to start families; to enter into legally binding agreements. But we don’t trust them with firearms because of what some criminal or madman their age did? Just laws hold people accountable for their OWN actions. UNJUST laws hold THEM accountable for OTHER people’s actions. This is an unjust law.

These atrocities will go on until we get the criminals and madmen off our streets. How many more tragedies do we have to go through before the Congress understands this self-evident truth?

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