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It’s gross, but also completely satisfying.

Laundry stripping has been making waves on social media for some time, and those who use the method swear by it. In a recent segment on Global News’s The Morning Show, DIY expert Jen Tryon broke down exactly what this method is.

“The pictures say it all,” she said.

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The pictures Tryon refers to are images that people are sharing on social media of bathtubs full of brown water.

Laundry stripping. Why not? The left is when I first filled the tub, before adding the cleaning agents. Right is after 3 hours of soaking. One of the bulbs in our bathroom went out, so the lighting isn't great but you get the idea. Ick. I put in a couple of towels, one sock (so I could compare #science ), some workout and comfy clothes, and the five pieces I wear to work most often. The only laundry issue I really have is deodorant build up in my casual shirts. I've gotten rid of a lot of shirts I love because they get positively stiff after a while. I don't know if I need to be using hotter water, pretreating, or what. But when I stripped this stuff it saved a shirt I thought was doomed. Now it's soft and wearable again. @gocleanco has all the details in her stories of how to do this and it's very easy. The hardest part was getting as much water out of the clothes as possible before transferring to the washer. But if you have a top loading washer you can do the whole process in there. I don't buy Tide like she calls for, so I just threw in some of my homemade laundry detergent along with the borax and washing soda. That way I got some soap in there too. #laundrystripping #cleaning #laundry #satisfying #dirt #filth #icky #deodorant #getitclean #yogapants #workclothes #dirtywater #nofilter #onthebandwagon #trending #stressrelief #controlwhatyoucan #borax #washingsoda #homemadelaundrydetergent #grownupfun #householding #tidyingup #bathtub #soak #towels #fresh #cleanlaundry

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Let’s talk laundry stripping! Have you tried this? I was so inspired by @gocleanco that I started stripping tons of laundry that I thought was clean only to see this dark grimy water..yuck! All@you need to try this is @tidelaundry powder, @20muleteamborax_ and @armandhammer baking soda . Pure magic! Thanks @gocleanco and @homewithlisa for sharing! #laundry #laundrystripping #laundryfordays #deepclean #boredathome😑 #cleaningmotivation #cleaninghacks #laundryday #laundrydetergent #soclean #laundrytips #cleanliving #strippingclothes #letitsoak #tide #tidedetergent #borax #bakingsoda

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So what, exactly, is laundry stripping? According to Tryon, laundry stripping involves filling your tub with water and mixing in borax powder, washing soda and laundry detergent.

She says you can “strip” everything from clean sheets to towels and textiles. The point of laundry stripping is to remove any residue left on clean clothing, towels and sheets.

Tryon says in about an hour, the tub water will turn brown.

“Let it sit for a minimum of four hours,” she said. “You’re going to want to use clean laundry.”

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She says after you let your clothing or linens sit, remove excess water and throw them into the laundry machine with no soap.

“No soap… that’s what you’re seeing in that sludge, all the old soap that gets stuck in your clothes that you can’t get rid of,” she said. “You think your clothes are clean, but they’re really not.”

She adds that when you laundry-strip dark clothes, your water while likely turn black first due to dye, but in four hours, the tub will once again be brown.

And if you do have more time generally for at-home laundry experiments, you can also try some of these laundry hacks.

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Lifestyle blogger Angela Lanter previously told Global News that some pantry items can be used for cleaning staples like towels.

“I add the vinegar directly to the drum and skip detergent and softener,” she said.

“After that cycle is complete, add 1/2 cup of baking soda (again, directly to drum) and run on normal cycle with hot water. Skip the detergent and softener again. After the second cycle is complete, dry as normal.”

To learn more about how to laundry strip, watch the full video above. 

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